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Know your Wicker Furniture for Indoor & Patio

About Wicker Patio Furniture
Natural Wicker Patio Furniture
Natural Wicker Patio Furniture

The word “WICKER” is of Scandinavian origin which means “to bend” and it is a material composed of twigs, shoots of different plants like bamboo, willow, rattan and reed. These flexible twigs are woven into a rigid material often employed for making furniture and baskets. Today, there are multiple manufactures that are emanating different kinds of wicker furniture for outdoors but mainly it is classified into two classes:

  1. Natural wicker furniture
  2. Synthetic wicker furniture

While opting for the outdoor furniture set for the setting, the first predicament you are confronted with is whether to buy all natural wicker patio furniture or one of its synthetic forms. So, Rattan outdoor furniture can either be composed of natural fibers or from synthetic fibers. People are often confused with terms like rattan outdoor furniture and wicker patio furniture so, let me exterminate this confusion that rattan and seagrass are the materials which are woven to produce wicker patio furniture.

Natural Wicker Furniture,

Wicker can be made from the following organic or chemical materials:

  1. Rattan 
  2. Seagrass
  3. Willow
  4. Cane
  5. Bamboo
  6. Reed
  7. Plastic Synthetics
Synthetic Plastic PVC Wicker
Plastic Synthetic Wicker Furniture

Plastic Synthetic Wicker Furniture,

Plastic Wicker is also called “all weather wicker” mainly preferred for outdoor furniture sets. These type of outdoor furniture sets are composed from the following synthetic materials:

  1. Resins (Resins are derived from the plant material.)
  2. Vinyl
  3. Polyethylene wicker

Difference Between Natural Wicker and Synthetic Wicker,

Here are 8 comparisons between Natural Wicker and Plastic Synthetic Wicker for Outdoor Furniture and Indoor.


When it comes to resistance against the elements like temperature and humidity, natural wicker is more susceptible to these severe outdoor elements. It must not be left uncovered in the outdoors for extended period of time and it must be kept away from being soaked in rainwater. So, Overhead covering is necessary for the natural wicker furniture. On other hand synthetic wicker is specially delineated to stand against these outdoor elements. It is resistant to UV light and moisture.

Wicker Rattan Furniture Sunroom
Wicker Rattan Furniture Sunroom


Natural synthetic resin is durable and long lasting until it is not left outdoors in direct exposure to sun and moisture. Natural wicker furniture is sure to lose its hue when exposed to direct sun. But on other hand, synthetic wicker is extremely durable and advantageous because it can be left outdoors all year round as there is no need to worry about the harsh and severe conditions perturbing the quality and beauty of synthetic wicker patio set.

Natural Wicker Furniture
Natural Wicker Furniture


Being honest, natural wicker furniture demands more care and maintenance than most of the homeowners are keen to provide. As mentioned earlier, natural wicker furniture is prone to the severe outdoor elements so the synthetic wicker garden furniture is clearly a wise choice as it is almost worry free. All you have to do is to wipe the dust off the deck or wash it with the warm soapy water. So, if you are not ready to watch for the daily forecast and moving the heavy furniture sets in and out every now and then I would strongly recommend the synthetic wicker furniture.


Natural materials, definitely, provide an elegant and modish look to your garden. Some people have an idea that natural material can provide such an elegance that a man-made material can never present. But when we talk about rattan furniture set, they almost look alike until you watch it very closely. They can embellish your outdoor and can comfort you at the same time. 


Although, synthetic materials have bad status among the environmentally cognizant home owners but I tell you what natural materials can also harm the environment. Natural rattan furniture is no exclusion. Unstoppable harvesting of trees can cause the degradation of forests and the processing of rattan involves the usage of toxic elements .These both factors can jeopardize the health of environment and subsequently human. Resin wicker furniture and plastic wicker furniture are recyclable if made up from polyethylene rattan but non recyclable if made up from polyurethane or PVC but and that’s why they are more perilous to the environment

Wicker Livingroom Furniture
Wicker Livingroom Furniture

Both types can be made to look striking and alluring .Natural rattan furniture is with wood frame inside and the synthetic rattan furniture is with the aluminum frame inside. Rattan outdoor furniture should be attributed with an overhead covering and the cushions with bold splashes of colors. A metal, glass and leather element added to your wicker patio set ensures your garden to look modish and contemporary.


You get what you pay for”. It all depends on quality of the furniture .Resin furniture set for the outdoors is comparatively more expensive than the natural wicker patio set of the same quality. Before buying the resin wicker furniture, please keep in mind that it should be tightly wound so that it looks beautiful and before buying, you must sit on it in order to check whether it is comfortable and sturdy or not .


Natural wicker furniture is most preferably used indoors. But the synthetic resin furniture can be used indoors as well as outdoors comfortably without any worry.

Now you know exactly all the ins-and-outs of synthetic and natural wicker! Hopefully this will contribute to make your decisions when you buy your Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture, or your Indoor Wicker Furniture. And don't forget, there are also many Wicker Based Home Furnishings and Accessories and rugs and carpers!

Good luck!

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